Are you needing to find some space to talk to someone? Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious in a way that is making life difficult to deal with on a daily basis? Do you have that knot in your stomach, that just won’t go away?

Life is very much an up and down hill journey, with bumpy rides that we just don’t foresee. Everything can be fine, and then it can all come crashing down, sometimes slowly , and other times very quickly. I’m here to work alongside you, to understand what has caused the anxiety or stress, and to slowly enable you to get back up and into your life journey again.

Essex Counselling at home will offer to visit you at home in a safe comfortable confidential space for you to explore issues that are affecting you in your life. The sessions last 50 minutes and are normally held weekly in the clients own home.
The relationship we build is based upon trust, genuineness and the ability for us to explore your world from your eyes. This then enables your counsellor to understand exactly how things are for you, and from that point, we can work together to focus on the areas that you are wanting to change in your life, or the areas that are causing worry and anxiety. We will work in a non judgemental way, which means that our own values and beliefs are put aside in order to truly understand and hear yours. Essex Counselling at Home organisation work short term ( up to 6 sessions) or long- term (up to 24weeks ) depending on your needs.