Who is ECHO?
ECHO stand for Essex Counselling at Home Organisation, It’s a Counselling organisation that will go to the clients home to partake in Counselling with the individual or couple as opposed to the client/s going to the counsellor or a workplace to have sessions. (We also offer some sessions to be held over the telephone or skype).

• Examples of issues we work with.
Loss of relationships, independence and mobility. Illness or death of someone close.
Coping with retirement, isolation and loneliness. The challenges of moving into residential care. Struggling with thoughts and feelings about the past, present and future. Bereavement, Depression, relationships issues and chronic illnesses.

• Who do they cater for? (demographic)
Clients of 50 years and older within the Essex area.

• How much does it cost?
Between £10-£25 for individuals or (£20-£50 for couples).

• Where is it held & where is it based?
The counselling would take place in the clients home, be that a house, or if they are in residential care, or a hospital. We are based in mid Essex

• How do I contact ECHO?
Call us on 07935 261223 or email info@counsellingathome.org

• How long does the counselling last? How does the counselling work?
The session would be for 50 minutes weekly which will normally be on the same day and at the same time. There will be 6 sessions initially at the end of which we will review our work. If both parties agree, this can be extended to 12 weeks with a maximum of 24 weeks in total.

• Can I come back?
Yes. If you have had 24 weeks, a break is required of at least 12 weeks after which it is possible to contact the organisation for further counselling, if desired. Please note you may be put on a waiting list, you may request the same counsellor but we are unable to offer any guarantees.

• What happens if I don’t like it?
You are under no obligation to carry on with your sessions although we do strongly recommend that you have at least one final closing session.